Installing NCR

Installing from AppSource

Follow the instructions in this linked article to prepare for, find, and download the app into Business Central.

Installing from Microsoft AppSource

Sandbox Environment


Read Only

ICL NCR Read: ‘Vendor Non-Conformity Read’
Allows a user to only read the NCRs and related data but cannot make any changes.


ICL NCR Contribute: ‘Vendor Non-Conformity Contribute’
Allows a user to create and contribute to NCRs, but not delete.


ICL NCR Mgmt: ‘Vendor Non-Conformity Mgmt’
Allows a user to fully manage the NCR Setup, Look-up Lists, and can delete NCRs.

Production Environment


You will need to set permissions as described in the Sandbox Environment section above. In addition, you will need to follow the instructions in the following three articles.

Permissions to View Licenses

Initial License Setup and Validation

License Server

Registering Your Tenant

Update Licenses