Item Import Tool

This app is beneficial to those who create parts on a regular basis. This could be used by those who create parts in a CAD system, or can be used to create items from an external system during migration to Business Central. By applying a template during item creation you can ensure that the proper item type, item category code, replenishment system, base unit of measure, and other important fields are properly filled.


Item Import Templates

Create Item Import Spreadsheet Templates that are Uploaded into BC and shared for anyone to Download and use.

Apply Item Templates to New Items

Item Templates in BC will be applied to new items.  This will set the Base Unit of Measure and all other properties specified in the template.

Download Updated Spreadsheet (Optional)

Item Import Tool

Create New Items from a Spreadsheet
$ 120
  • Item Import Template Spreadsheets
  • Get your spreadsheet back with Item Numbers filled in
  • Never Over-Writes Existing Item Numbers
Time Saver