Sometimes you just need to give your mind a break and play a game. This app does not save any data to the database.
When you open the page, you start fresh with 5000 credits and when you lose it all or close the page, the game is over.
You are not gambling with anything real or against anyone.

Game Play
  • Place your bet
  • Deal
  • Hit to gain another card, until you are as close to 21 as you feel comfortable, without going over.
  • Stand when you want no more cards, and the dealer will deal its hand.
  • Fold if you decide to abandon the hand. You lose half your bet.
  • You win if you beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21.
  • You loose if the dealer’s hand beats yours or you go over 21.
  • The dealer is required to stand if it has 16 or more.

Back Story

When I decided to learn the AL programming language to write Business Central extensions, this was my first app.
I wanted to design an app that was somewhat simple, but also required a variety of programming skills.

The app incorporates variables, math, string manipulation, loops, arrays, enable/disable user interface objects, random, and if/then statements.

Building this app also forced me to learn how to set up a development environment using Docker, and how to use Visual Studio Code for code development.

The challenges for developing the app were:

  • Creating a proper deck of 52 cards with the 4 suits, properly numbered in an array as the ‘unshuffled deck’.

  • Shuffling the deck of cards by randomly picking a card from the unshuffled deck and putting into the shuffled deck.

  • Calculating the score when an Ace can be an 11 or a 1, depending on what benefits the player. 

Mike Endres


Just a small game
  • Nothing is saved
  • No betting with others
  • Free your mind with some fun.