Advanced WIP

With Advanced WIP, you can specify what percent of WIP you wish to recognize per job, and also enable the ability to Recognize Vendor Pre-Payments as WIP for all jobs, and also WIP from Associated Production Orders per Job Planning Line.

Vendor Prepayment

Vendor Prepayment can be enabled or disabled from the Jobs Setup page. This option is for all jobs, and will be checked at the time WIP is calculated.

Job Details fact box will show the amount for Vendor Prepayments.  This box will show regardless if the setting to use Vendor Prepayments is enabled or not.

WIP Underbilling

How WIP is calculated as expected out-of-the-box in Business Central for a Job.

From the Job Card, the Job WIP Underbilling percentage is set.

WIP is calculated again to demonstrate the effect of underbilling 50% as set in the above setting for the Job.

Recognize Production WIP on Jobs

Production Orders that are associated with Job Planning Lines, can now be calculated in WIP.  You can use the “Production Order No.” and “Production Order Line No.” fields provided, or choose your own fields that hold this data, and you’re on your way.

Note, components must be consumed by the production order to count toward WIP.

Advanced WIP

Advanced Options for Job WIP Recognition
$ 150
  • WIP Underbilling specified per job
  • Recognize Vendor Pre-Payments
  • Calculate & Post WIP without additional Steps