NCR (Non-Conformity Report)

NCR provides a way to track your non-conformity (non-conformance) findings. Each NCR has five different statuses; Discovery, Analysis, Actions, Inspection, and Closed. When a Vendor is specified, you can identify the items that were found to be non-conforming, and the reasons.

NCR Feature Sheet

Download a copy of the NCR Feature Sheet.
This feature sheet gives topics for conversation that can be used while trialing the extension, and also for training.
Feature Sheet Preview for NCR
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Download the .pdf document here: Non-Conformity Report


Non-Conformity Report Form

Here is a quick view of what the NCR form looks like.

A NCR can be internal, or for a vendor.  Non-Conforming Items can be listed and the reasons why can be specified.

In the setup, you can choose which fields are required.  There you can also specify if Links or Attachments are allowed.


Each Status of the NCR has a section where related data can be assigned and recorded.


  • Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Action
  • Inspect/Verify


Email notification can be sent automatically sent to the user assigned to the next status.

Non-Conformity Report List

The NCR List and the Open NCR List pages give you a list views of NCRs that you can search, sort, filter, or analyze.


Specify what is required and what is allowed.

  • Require Fields
  • Allow Attachments
  • Allow Links


Non-Conformance Report
$ 300
  • All fields can be made mandatory
  • Allow/Disallow Links & File Uploads for Documentation
  • Enforce progression through statuses